IATA tájékoztatás ALITALIA légitársaság ügyében

Alitalia has entered into extraordinary administration processes under Italian law. The purpose of that filing is to provide protection for the company from its creditors while it reorganizes.

We are pleased to report that IATA and Alitalia have agreed and implemented the terms of a security deposit, which is consistent with IATA’s policy with airlines operating under such circumstances.

Alitalia has stated it intends to continue all flight operations, and continue processing transactions through the IATA Clearing House and BSP/CASS systems, with no disruption to settlements. 

Based on these developments, Alitalia’s participation in IATA’s Clearing House, BSP and CASS will be “business as usual.” 

9th May, 2017



Project Lead IATA & Travel Agent Association Partnering Program


Manager, Agency Risk Management


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